“The Juncture of Verisimilitude and Me”

Over the years, like many writers, I’ve had my share of works that never found a home in a magazine or journal.  So, rather than lamenting that fact and assuming that no one will ever read them, I’ve begun sharing some of them in my “Unpublished” series on this blog. This one is the first essay I’m sharing. (A few poems have already been posted over the last few months.)

This first unpublished essay, The Juncture of Verisimilitude and Me, was originally written for the Teachers & Writers Collaborative’s Bechtel Prize competition. The essay didn’t win, and it will probably never appear in an education journal because its basis isn’t data-driven, which is the current vogue in that field. (I’ve had writing-education articles rejected for that reason alone, so I know.) In it, I address the subject of providing a liberal education to young people through the mechanisms of reading and writing.


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