Pack Mule for the New School is written by Foster Dickson, a writer, editor, and teacher who lives in Montgomery, Alabama. Though the blog has taken on a wide variety of subjects during its first seven years, from 2010 – 2017, its subjects now are simply: the culture of the Deep South, the arts & humanities, education, and social justice (particularly voting rights, racial justice, food equity, and access to information).

You can also access Pack Mule for the New School by liking Foster Dickson’s author page on Facebook, by following him on Twitter, or by connecting with him on LinkedIn. He also has an Instagram and a gallery of images here.

Foster Dickson is available for freelance assignments and contract work in both writing and editing, and for speaking engagements or guest artist presentations related to Southern culture, education, and social justice subjects. For more information, you can visit Foster’s author website, or you can contact him using the form below:

*The Foster Dickson who writes this blog is not the same person as the Foster Dickson who works in a global youth ministry. 


4 thoughts on “About

  1. I ran across your blog while doing an internet search for David Madison Dickson, my 3rd great grandfather. What I found was your post about David Madison Dickson Jr., the password protected post (which I would love to read). I am descended from David Jr.’s brother, Jesse Hamilton Dickson. So, it looks as if you and I are distantly related. I look forward to further perusing your blog posts.


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